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10 Most Useful Development Courses for 2021

Today, there are quite a few development tools and programming languages that are open for learning. Each of these is unique to the needs of the learner and the purpose it serves. So, what this blog does is to make a broad list of the 10 most useful development courses for 2021, which in turn will help you make up your mind about the one that you think suits you best.




In this world of information technology, there is a huge rush to make a career in any suitable area of technology. When we talk of learning technology and development, the first point that comes to mind is, which technology to choose to make a career in.
This is a very understandable query, but to answer this question, we should first get into a basic aspect of this question, which is, which development course to do for 2021? This is the essential question that we should explore, because it is from this foundation that one makes a career in development.

Today, there are quite a few development tools and programming languages that are open for learning. Each of these is unique to the needs of the learner and the purpose it serves. So, what this blog does is to make a broad list of the 10 most useful development courses for 2021, which in turn will help you make up your mind about the one that you think suits you best.

  1. Python
  2. Data Science
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Java
  5. JavaScript 
  6. C#
  7. Swift
  8. PHP
  9. MATLAB 
  10. R.

So, let us get down to unraveling each of these programming languages/development tools to help you get some idea of which you should choose from among the 10 most useful development courses for 2021.

Why you should learn Python:
For anyone who wants to make a career in development, python is indispensable, and with good reasons. Python makes for easier writing, reading and learning than most programming languages of any significance. Another of the highlights of this interpreted programming language is its syntax, with which Python is not only fast; it makes compact scripts logical. 
And, best of all, learning Python comes with loads of financial rewards. Imagine being in the pay bracket of over $110,000 in even the lowest paying city of the US!

Data Science
Why you should learn Data Science:
Data Science is all about extracting, exploring, analyzing and collating data and making meaningful insights out of them. This science is indispensable and invaluable to businesses. Why? Because businesses churn out gigantic volumes of data on a daily basis, all of which is of no use to them unless they can harness this data. The medium or tool with which they can do is none other than Data Science.
When you can help businesses make sense out of their data, it goes without saying that you are going to be very hotly coveted by the most well-known tech companies the world over. And why should you not develop yourself into a Data Science professional, when top data scientists make in the region of $120,000 a year in the US?

Machine Learning
Why you should learn Machine Learning:
One of the hottest technologies for the upcoming year and far beyond, Machine Learning is what it is for a simple reason: it alters the way machines work. To be more precise, it alters the way the intelligence in machines works.
There are way too many uses and applications of Machine Learning to be described in this space. It is not without reason that it is hailed as the future of technology. Its impact is expected to be such that it would not be wrong to call Machine Learning the future of mankind. Does it need iterating that a professional in Machine Learning is the hottest property in the tech job market?

Why you should learn java:
Java, an object-oriented, general-purpose programming language, which was designed by James Gosling, gives you enough reasons to learn. With it, you can design light, versatile and fast, customized applications. It is worth noting that java is rated the number one programming language in the world.
So, what are the financial prospects of being a java developer? If you consider a pay of $100,000 and above decent, you should make java development your career.

Why you should learn JavaScript:
Anywhere between $62,000 and $118,000-that is the pay a junior to senior JavaScript developer earns in the US. Handsome as this salary is, JavaScript gives you many other reasons to learn.
The best thing about becoming a JavaScript developer is that you ingrain analytical skills that can be used to learn other languages such as Python, java, C++ and so on! It is something like say, great grammar or vocabulary, which can be put to use to write many things. So, JavaScript is a core learning skill.

Why you should learn C#:
The thing with learning C# is that it is designed in such a way that it does (or does away with) most of the machine level code, which leaves you with the programming part to concentrate on. Why is this important? Because you are free to focus on the actual part of programming, which is rarely the case with most other programming languages.
That aside, C# works very well for you-you guessed it right-at creative areas like games, since Unity engine uses C#.

Why you should learn Swift:
Swift, as its name suggests, offers a quick and viable way of correcting errors and improving readability into a language. And, its speed is not limited to this area. It is faster than many other programming languages by a few notches, in terms of syntax. For these reasons, it is a must-have skill to adorn our CV with. 
You could expect to get paid in the region of $116,000 in the US for mastering Swift.

Why you should learn PHP:
Can you name any business that functions without a website? If you can, you are either having a 19th century business or a defunct one in mind. If PHP is the programming language that is used to build websites, is there a stronger reason to learn it?
Now, with millions of websites being created, and with businesses finding it impossible to do without a website, the need for someone who can develop this very vital aspect of a business is sure to be in high demand. This is among the solid reasons to learn PHP to augment your career.

Why you should learn MATLAB:
If you are an engineer or a scientist, i.e., a math person, the word MATLAB is sweet music to your ears. It is the language that mathematics speaks. We all know that mathematicians and scientists don’t like moving in abstract directions. They like what is focused, designed, and clear. That is just what MATLAB is.

MATLAB is used in innumerable areas of technology, which means that if you are someone with an inclination for math or science, you should fall in love with it and stay there. And another reason to fall in love with MATLAB: an annual average pay of $100,000.

Why you should learn R:
Have you wondered which engine powers Data Science? It is R. Being based on statistics; it is but natural that it is the default language for Data Science. The reason is not difficult to guess. Data Science has to process or sift the organized and unorganized data, for which it needs a tool. That tool goes by the name of R. It brings a host of advantages to Data Science, which is why you should become proficient in R if you want to make a career in Data Science.

And, last but not the least, R professionals earn upwards of $117,000 in the US.
Do you think this blog has been useful to you in helping you make up your mind about which the 10 most useful development courses for 2021 are? Please feel free to write your thoughts to us about this article!



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