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Full Stack Developer Bootcamp

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Full Stack Developer Bootcamp

Zen Class is a leading Project Based Full Stack Development Program. It promises 100% job placement support upon completion. Conducted by IIT Madras incubator company and designed by our Founders (Ex-Paypal Employees). Mentoring is also offered by experts from companies such as Google, Flipkart. The Full-Stack Developer Program covers every technology to help you become a full stack developer.

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This course includes


5 months
Instruction Type
Self Paced
Delivery Method
Available on
Desktop, Laptop
Limited Access


Devops using AWSNode.jsReact.jsWeb ApplicationHTML5Cascading Style SheetsUnix ShellsData StructuresJavascriptHTMLGitAWS Auto ScalingAWS OpsworksDevopsMySQL

Learning Goals

Bored of your Gmail client , then build your own frontend for GMail by accessing it through GmailAPI. This will teach you how to design & integrate the API and do OAuth
Clone of your Insta account with react components. create Business Profile, Celebrity Profile, General Profile, Add & Follow Friends & Celebrities, Browse posts of different categories, Upload Post, Upload Stories, Go live, Keep up with social trends
Everyone wants a personalized presentation. Customized player for your preferences and you can store the data in a MongoDB via a backend like NodeJS
Publish a web app like Spotify using modern Framework React and learn how to create components and build a large scale project and host it live
Build Realtime Document editor for users for editing, creating and sharing with all the features like Google Docs using

Course Content

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Some Basic Knowledge of Web development is plus
Passing of eligibility test is required

Target Audience

Web Developers
Software Engineer

Course Overview

Job assistance

Hands-On Training, Instructor-Moderated Discussions

Post course interactions

CapStone project

Personalized Teaching



IIT Madras

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Who is eligible to take the full-stack developer course?

I' I am not from an engineering background. Do I qualify for this course?

What will you need to pass the PreBootcamp Test?

What companies are available for me to work in?

How long is this course?

What payment options are available?

What does the capstone Project mean and how can it benefit me?

What are MEAN and MERN stacks?

What does Full Stack Development Course mean?

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