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Business Valuation Modeling Part I

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Business Valuation Modeling Part I

Learn how to value a company using Comps, Precedent Transactions and a DCF model

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This course includes


7 hours
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7 hours
Instruction Type
Self Paced
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Desktop, Laptop
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Financial ModelingAccountingExcelValuationDiscounted Cash FlowCapital Asset Pricing Model

Learning Goals

Understand the difference between equity value and enterprise value
Learn how to calculate various equity and enterprise value multiples
Understand the drivers of equity multiples and value a business using equity multiples
Calculate and analyze valuation multiples
Learn the most common multiples: EV/Revenue, EV/EBITDA, EV/EBIT, P/E
Learn when it is most appropriate to use each type of multiple
Value a company using comparable company analysis
Value a company using precedent M&A transactions
Value a company using discounted cash flow techniques
Complete Excel-based case studies and solutions 
Utilize a PDF valuation reference guide that can be downloaded to your computer and use during the course of for future reference
Calculate free cash flows to the firm and free cash flows to equity
Outline the main drivers of free cash flows
Value a business using a two-stage DCF valuation model
Learn how to calculate the cost of equity, cost of debt and the weighted average cost of capital
Calculate beta in an Excel spreadsheet
Calculate an organization's weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
Create a football field chart to summarize the various valuation methods used in the analysis: Comps, Precedents, DCF

Course Content

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Target Audience

This online class is designed for professionals working in private equity, investment banking, corporate development, and other areas of finance and accounting


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Abdellatif A. E. Ibrahim


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Yuki Ariyawan


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Ritche Orven Flores


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Kaushik Agarwal


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Course Overview

Case Studies, Instructor-Moderated Discussions

Post course interactions

Case-Based Learning

Personalized Teaching


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