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Vijay Singh


Lives the motto - “you can be everything that you want to be”

Vijay Singh is the founder of His corporate career spans across multiple roles in sales, general management and product leadership in India and Singapore. He believes every professional, given the right environment and platform to learn and grow can truly achieve their full potential.

He quit Google (Singapore) in 2018 and spent the last 3 years trying to understand the challenges for professional learning and career planning for professionals. Careervira was conceptualized in 2019 and was launched in July 2021 with an aim to provide an integrated, intuitive and actionable career planning platform. 


Amit Gupta

Advisor: HR Tech & Corporate Learning

Amit is a senior financial services executive based in London. He has managed operations at HSBC as COO and is currently heading change, strategy & planning for Santander UK. He has a strong foundation in consulting with Accenture India and EY, UK where he was involved in developing competency models and learning frameworks to meet evolving business needs. Amit is focussed on innovation, tech transformation, and digitisation, and actively advises startups & scaleups.


Vijayshree Singh

Advisor: Tech & Payments

Bay Area techie, Vijayshree Singh is based in California (US). A software engineer, she holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California (USC). Vijayshree has a deep understanding of backend technologies and payments. She has built and managed large scale backend infrastructure for e-commerce, digital payments and mobility companies.

Vijayshree is advising Careervira to build for a large scale and ensure global focus for its product rollout.


Arpan Chakraborty

Advisor: Data Science & Machine Learning

Arpan likes to find computing solutions to everyday problems. His research interests lie at the intersection of human-computer interaction, robotics and cognitive science. He obtained his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University, focusing on biologically inspired computer vision. Following that, he taught artificial intelligence, data science and machine learning courses at Udacity and Georgia Tech. 

Currently, Arpan is helping build out a search and analytics platform for automotive and autonomous driving data at Ridecell, based in San Francisco. He strongly believes in lifelong learning and is advising Careervira in providing relevant recommendations for learners to upskill themselves towards their career objectives.

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