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Comprehensive Ethereum Blockchain Developer Course

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7.4 hours


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7.4 hours

Course Description

Contents: 3 courses.

Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

Course 1: Blockchain Made Easy

Blockchain rule no. 1: What goes on blockchain, stays on blockchain.

Tried Learning Blockchain?

Was it all in bits and pieces?

Then now you are in the right place. Here no material is in bits and pieces because we have focused on a total journey from a newbie to full-stack professional blockchain developer. We have gone through all topics needed for a solid concept and then we will be going more into the practical side. Once you have mastered blockchain there is no getting back from excellence in your career. Allow me to present the beauty of blockchain through this course.

Please note: (we are planning to publish more courses that go deeper into the full-stack blockchain/dApp development skills).

Video1: Title: What and Why of Blockchain.

What is the blockchain, how is the growth of Blockchain, and if you learn it you can grow fast in the future.

Video2: Title: Underlying technologies of Blockchain

A new technology can only be understood if you know its building blocks and technologies.

Video3: Title: Advantages of Blockchain.

The need to learn Blockchain over other courses comes only when the world gets to know the advantages of blockchain.

Video4: Title: Working of Blockchain.

The whole process of blockchain broken into parts to make you understand better.

Video5: Title: Types of blockchain and bitcoin.

Know the different types of blockchain and its features. Also, it has an in-depth view of bitcoin and its functionalities.

Video6: Title: Libra [Facebook’s cryptocurrency]

Keep up with the latest cryptocurrencies and their workings.

Video7: Title: Ethereum [The revolution in Blockchain technology]

Understand Ethereum and Smart Contracts. Advantages of smart contracts.

Video8: Title: EVM [Unbelievable 256 bit machines] and Dapps.

Know the basics of EVM and Dapps. Dapps’ advantages over conventional apps.

Video9: Title: Forming Blockchain Solution - 1

Go through how industrial blockchain dapps and solutions can be created. Create your own blockchain based solutions.

Video10: Title: Forming Blockchain Solution - 2

Full-stack dapp creation and a fast-track way to have your solution at the top of the list.

Course 2: Become a Blockchain Developer: Ethereum + Solidity + Project

Become a Blockchain Developer: Ethereum + Solidity + Project

Smart Contract Programming on Ethereum Blockchain - Bonus Project: Learn how to code an Ethereum Wallet with Solidity

Looking for information on Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract coding and only found theory? Not anymore.

This excellent course takes you through a full practical session on Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract coding, with Solidity.

The coding skills you need to tell the world that you are a BLOCKCHAIN DEVELOPER.

Also, a bonus project has been given as part of this course to help you try out your coding skills but if you get stuck somewhere I have given the whole coding walk-through explaining each and every step.

Master this course and prove to the world that you have control over Blockchain.

We have used all the latest updates so you can catch up to the leaders.

Course 3: Blockchain dApps with Web3.js + Project

Integration of Solidity Smart Contract based Decentralised Applications with Web3.js on Ethereum Blockchain.

Learn how to use Web3.js to build the frontend of your DApp that will interact with your ethereum smart contracts.


Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and smart contracts are a central component of decentralized applications (DApps), in that they are deployed on the blockchain. However, to interact with these on-chain components, transactions need to be created on the blockchain. For a user or off-chain software to create a transaction on the blockchain, a node needs to relay the transaction to the underlying peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

Web3.js is a collection of libraries that allows programmers to interact with these on-chain components, by being able to facilitate a connection to Ethereum nodes, using HTTP or IPC connections.

It represents a JavaScript language binding for Ethereum’s JSON RPC interface, which makes it directly usable in web technology, as JavaScript is natively supported in almost all web browsers.

Web3.js can be used to connect to the Ethereum network via any Ethereum node that allows access via HTTP. This may be a local node, a node hosted by the DApp provider, or public gateways which operate free Ethereum access points.

One common way of integrating a web browser application with Ethereum is to use the Metamask browser extension in combination with Web3.js. Metamask is an in-browser Ethereum wallet that injects a Web3 provider object into the browser. A Web3 provider is a data-structure providing a link to publicly accessible Ethereum nodes. Using Metamask allows users to manage private keys and sign transactions within their web browser. Using Metamask in combination with Web3.js, in a web interface, provides a convenient way to interact with the Ethereum network.

Curriculum summary:

Full stack dapplication development - How to get through full stack dapp via web3.js.

More about web3 - How is it different from conventional ways.

Main functionality of web3 and Ganache - How to use the functionality of web3 and installing Ganache.

Simple practical use of Web3 - Simple codes to get you started with web3.js.

Getting started with Truffle Project - Basic walkthrough of what is inside of truffle box.

Truffle react box deployment - Deploying and migrating of smart contracts.

How Ganache works - Setup ganache for our truffle project.

Getting started with App.js file - Starting template made which can be used for all the different contracts.

Get & set methods used - Create web3.js to use the functions of our smart contracts.

Let’s send ethers - Will send ethers to smart contracts.and difference .

Setup the App.js for first function - We need to set up the app.js for calling function and sending ethers.

App.js for second type and window function. - We need to make the app.js to send directly the ethers to some account or to the Smart contracts and withdraw money from the smart contract.

Testing of direct ether send and sending to contract and withdrawing it.

Diving into events - Let’s checkout some event logs how to log and how to get back the events so that we’ll get to know what’s going in the blockchain

Logging events at the same time of deploy.

Filtering past events - Get past events from blockchain by querying using some filters

Web3 utils - Using Web3 utils for some added advantage for the ease of middleware compatibility.

Getting to know more about utils.

Course Overview


International Faculty


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Instructor-Moderated Discussions

Skills You Will Gain



None, just an interest in Blockchain.


Anyone can take this course, it's for beginners to advanced


No programming or coding background is required, but it will help if you have some experience


some existing knowledge of ethereum dApp development will help, but not compulsory


Logical thinking ability is a minimum requirement for any programming or coding related skills

What You Will Learn


Learn about the revolutionary Blockchain technology, Ethereum/EVM, Smart Contracts, dApps, and Cryptocurrency


Become a Blockchain Developer: Ethereum + Solidity + Project


Ethereum Smart Contract Programming with Solidity


Integration of Blockchain dapps with WEB3 js


Full stack dapplication development - How to get through full stack dapp via web3 js

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