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Security Analyst Nanodegree Program

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Security Analyst Nanodegree Program

Meet the growing demand for cybersecurity professionals by gaining the skills to protect an organizationaEUR(tm)s computer networks and systems.

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This course includes


4 months
10 hours per week
Instruction Type
Self Paced
Delivery Method
Available on
Desktop, Laptop
Limited Access

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Security DesigningSecurity AssessmentCyber DefenseCybersecuritySecurity Management

Learning Goals

Core principles and philosophy that drive work in the security field
Physical, logical and administrative controls, their industry recognized frameworks, and how to apply them to secure a network, system or application
Apply security concepts to create defensible, resilient network architecture
Exploring the current threat landscape and identifying both threats and threat actors that organizations face
About the OWASP Top 10 and that they pose a critical threat to organizations
All of the ways to mitigate threats, including the OWASP Top 10
Learn what threat modeling is and build your own threat models
How to measure the risks associated with discovered vulnerabilities
Learn about vulnerabilities, their characteristics and their dynamic lifecycle
Analyze automated alerts for false positives and determine if they represent a real security threat

Course Content

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Be able to use Python as scripting language and SQL in order to run queries from Log data
Be familiar with security fundamentals including core security principles, critical security controls and best practices for securing information
Be knowledgeable in database design, large database systems, networking and operating systems
Have experience using Unix or Linux command line
Have a basic understanding of client-server architecture
Have familiarity with reading and creating simple network architecture diagrams

Target Audience

Developers who already use SQL and Python and have a basic understanding of network infrastructure
Cyber security Analysts
Security Analysts
Security Engineers


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Richard Phung

Information Security Analyst

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Milind Adari

Security Engineer

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Chris Herdt

Security Analyst Iii

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International faculty

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