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AC-DC Rectifiers, Harmonics and Related Standards using MATLAB and LTspice

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Course Description

A rectifier is an electronic device that converts bi-directional AC to uni-directional DC. This device has many applications, including popular electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and radios. The home inverters are a classic example of an AC/DC Rectifier. They provide power when it is not available. AC-DC Converters (Rectifiers), are the heart of all power electronics systems. The importance of AC-DC Converters has grown significantly with the advancement of power electronics. Therefore, it is essential for an electrical/electronics engineer to understand the field of AC-DC converters thoroughly.

This course AC–DC Rectifiers and Harmonics and Related Standards Using MATLAB and LTspice will cover the following topics:

  • AC-DC Converters Single-Phase and Three-Phase Controlled
  • Semi-Controlled Rectifiers
  • Phase-Controlled AC-DC Converters (Single and Three-Phase)
  • Circuits based on Thyristor
  • Modalities of Operation
  • Concepts of power quality
  • Passive and active compensation
  • Active Filtering
  • Analyze and Study PWM Rectifiers
  • AC-DC Converters for Real-world and Industrial Applications
  • Harmonic Compensation and Study of IEEE/IEC Standards

This course will provide students with a deep understanding of the theory and design aspects of AC/DC converters. This knowledge will enable students to design, simulate, and analyze AC-DC converters. This course will help you to address the current challenges in the power electronics industry by covering the details of rectifier circuits.

Students will work extensively in the course on simulation circuits using softwares such as MATLAB or LTspice. Students will also work on 2 projects that will allow them to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice.

This course is available to students pursuing a bachelor's degree in engineering or Phd scholars who want to continue their research in this area. A basic knowledge of electronic circuits is a prerequisite.

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Case Studies, Captstone Projects

Skills You Will Gain

What You Will Learn

Importance of AC-DC converter in any power electronic converter application

Effect of source inductance and process of commutation

HWR operation with R loads and analysing the effect of transformer on operation

Operation of thyristor based HWR with R, RL and RLE load

Operation of three-phase fully controlled rectifier

Power quality in rectifier circuits

ntroduction to methods to improve input power factor in rectifiers

Target Students

The course is specifically designed for:Engineering students doing bachelor and master degree who wish to expand their knowledge in AC-DC converters

PhD scholars who wish to do their research in the field of AC-DC converter

Industrial persons and faculty members who would like to develop capabilities in AC-DC converter

Individuals seeking career in domains of power electronics and its applications

Graduates who seek job in electrical domain

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