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Caring with Music: Can Music Do More In Adult Care Settings?

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Course Description

Music speaks to everyone, regardless of language, culture, and abilities. Music can help us connect to other people and the world around. It can allow us to express our emotions, increase our socialization, and communicate in new ways.

This six-week course will help you understand the importance of music and how to use it in adult care settings for positive change.

You'll learn how to use music effectively with people you care about using techniques developed by Nordoff Robbins music therapists.

Before you can learn how and why music can be used in care settings, we will explore your relationship with it.

Listening to the people you love will help you identify ways you can bring music into their daily lives.

Additionally, you will learn how to organize and facilitate music activities as well as tips for improving the soundscape in your environment.

This course will allow you to apply your knowledge in a practical manner and identify all possible uses of music in your care setting.

You'll be able to learn how music can be used to improve your work environment and personal musicality.

Nordoff Robbins is the UK's leading music therapy charity. Their practice is informed and supported by research.

This course will allow you to learn more about the job of a music therapist, and help you to provide better care to the people you serve.

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Skills You Will Gain

What You Will Learn

Apply active music-making in the everyday life of your adult care setting

Identify your own existing relationship with music

Describe the musical identity of someone you support

Describe why music 'works' and is a valuable tool in adult care settings

Apply musical thinking to different forms of communication

Describe how the people you support present in musical terms

Explore how to use your voice and movement to engage with people you support

Demonstrate how familiar songs can be adapted to interact with people you support

Explore the purpose of a new song for someone you support

Explore how to create your own song based on a familiar tune and use it flexibly

Describe ways in which music can be used to enhance and ease daily routines and difficult moments in care settings

Describe the 'soundscape' within your setting and identify how musical changes could help

Apply specific musical changes to improve the everyday life of your care setting

Explain why specific instruments might be chosen for the people you support

Explain how instruments can be used in different ways as a form of expression, and how you can enable the people you support to play in their own way

Identify different musical ideas for using instruments with the people you support, and how to facilitate some appropriate activities

Demonstrate how you would set-up and plan for a music activity session within your setting

Explore different sources for ideas and resources to further develop your music-making practice in your setting

Target Students

This course is designed for anyone working in an adult care setting wanting to learn how music can support the people you care for

Course Instructors

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Jenny Laahs


I am a music therapist working with Nordoff Robbins, the UK's largest music therapy charity. My clinical focus is adults and young people with learning disabilities and autism.
Author Image

Janet McLachlan


I am a music therapist and supervisor with Nordoff Robbins. Over the past 18 years, my work has reached people in dementia care, learning disability, autism and palliative care settings

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