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Coaching Skills: Sports Coaching and Leadership

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Course Description

To improve the performance of individual athletes as well as teams, coaches are becoming more sought-after.

This ExpertTrack will empower you to be a confident and inspiring coach in sports.

Paddy Upton, a business coach and elite sports coach, will share his international experience in coaching. He'll discuss concepts from sports psychology coaching as well as leadership that can be applied to different contexts.

Coaching is constantly changing and you must be flexible to remain relevant and effective in this fast-changing environment.

Learn important strategies that will help you navigate the ever-changing coaching landscape.

This session will examine the differences between an athlete-centred and coach-centred coaching approach and how they impact your athletes' performance.

Learn how to build a relationship with athletes and help them achieve their full potential.

As you learn to increase your emotional intelligence, you will also discover the connection between self-awareness as well as being a leader.

You will learn how to be more self-aware, and how it affects your ability as a leader or coach.

Learn how to use coaching strategies and principles to create a supportive and positive environment.

Learn how coaching is an integral part of creating an inclusive culture in your team and how it affects performance.

We'll discuss the importance of mental fitness, and how to coach it so your athletes can perform at their best.

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Skills You Will Gain


There are no entry requirements for this ExpertTrack

The ability to coach high-performing teams is essential for anyone coaching at an elite sporting level

you'll gain insights into the psychology behind coaching and learn from one of the best minds in the field

This course will suit you if you are looking to grow your skills in coaching

You could be just starting your career or you may have prior coaching experience

What You Will Learn

Investigate the impact of a coach- or athlete-centred approach on athlete development and performance and apply those principles in practice

Recognise the changing landscape of coaching and apply innovative approaches to coaching that move beyond instructing

Investigate the role successful coaches play in developing a positive and cohesive team culture and apply this in practice

Analyse the difference between the thinking and the instinctive brain and evaluate how their separate functions impact key moments when applying frameworks and strategies for coaching the mental game

Target Students

This ExpertTrack will suit you if you are looking to grow your skills in coaching

It will particularly benefit you if you are a current or prospective coach looking to broaden your skills or become a better coach

It will also suit you if you are a student considering postgraduate study in sports or nutrition, or an athlete transitioning to personal training work

Course Instructors

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Paddy Upton


I'm a Professor of Practice at Deakin University, coach of professional cricket teams and athletes, and business coach - which I do to support my surfing, fishing and stand-up paddling habits
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