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Cultivating Diversity through Research and Insights

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Course Description

Encourage diversity in creative research

There is currently a lack of diversity and inclusion within research and development, making it difficult for the creative industries to represent all those who might be using their products.

This two-week course by Livity will help you understand diversity, especially in creative research, as well as how to foster diversity within your work.

Learn how creative processes are affected by non-diverse research

It seems obvious to choose research that accurately represents society without bias. There are many instances of non-diverse, in all industries, research that has led to unrepresentative results. Many of these were expensive and even dangerous.

This course will show you how non-diverse research impacts the research and creative process. It uses real-world examples to illustrate the risks in both creative and medical industries.

Learn why empowerment is better than attacking biases

The second week of the course will be about understanding why empowerment in development is better than attacking biases.

Then, you'll discuss affirmative action and whether or not it can lead to real change.

Create strategies and techniques to conduct diverse research

You can make small changes to increase the diversity of your research.

This course will teach you how to create research that has diversity embedded, as well as the negative effects of microaggressions, everyday bias, and other biases. Next, you will learn how to create a diverse mindset in research and apply your knowledge.

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Learn the latest in your chosen industry or subject

Complete each course and pass assessments

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Make your career dreams a reality

Identify elements of the mental game

Explain key features of the thinking and the instinctive brain and their separate functions in key moments of performance

Apply frameworks, principles and strategies for coaching athletes' mental game

Reflect on your coaching practice incorporating insights gained through the course

Target Students

This course is designed for anyone wanting to contribute to and foster diversity in their processes, specifically within creative industries.

You may find it especially useful if you're looking to hire a diverse team, whether you're the founder of a creative start-up, part of a HR team, or in a senior leadership position at a creative agency.

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