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Financial Analysis for Business Decisions

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Course Description

Are you looking to improve your financial planning and analysis skillsets? We collectively produce 2.5 quintillion byte of data each day. Modern organisations need to continuously leverage this data in their decision-making processes to maintain a competitive edge. According to a PwC survey, data-driven companies are three times more likely be confident in business decision making. Finance has been data-driven since its inception. Finance professionals are expected to have advanced data analysis skills. In 2018, 86% of financial service firms planned to increase their use of big data analytics.

This ExpertTrack was created to provide financial professionals with digital analysis skills that will allow them to succeed in this environment. These courses provide valuable introductions to data analysis techniques and tools. Your career could be enhanced by financial data analysis skills. In 2019, and 2020, analytical reasoning was the third most sought-after skill on LinkedIn. The number of job postings that require data visualization has increased by 540% in the past i!ve year. Tableau skills are more popular than ever.

This ExpertTrack course in financial management covers a broad range of financial analysis skills. What you will learn:

This ExpertTrack's content was adapted from the Financial Analysis and Decision Making Microcredential. For more information, take a look to the Microcredential. It offers smaller cohorts and tutor interaction as well as academic credit.

ExpertTrack will use Tableau Public and Excel. This online version of Excel might be useful for those who don't have Excel.

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Skills You Will Gain


This ExpertTrack is aimed at professionals who want to contribute to data-driven business decisions based on financial analysis

It would suit anyone in or seeking to move to a position with responsibility for managing, analysing, and communicating insights from financial data

There are no formal entry requirements

Strong numeracy and data analysis skills will allow learners to get the maximum benefit from this ExpertTrack, however

Previous experience in financial analysis or accounting would be advantageous

It would also be suitable for managers looking to strengthen their finance skills

What You Will Learn

Effectively capture and communicate critical business insights to inform business decision making

Compare common financial models and their functions

Use Tableau to import data and create graphics

Target Students

Early-career finance

Accounting professionals looking to improve their financial analysis skills to advance their careers

Current financial professionals who are looking for ways to communicate with a broader audience through data visualisation

Managers who have recently taken responsibility for budgets, forecasts, and P&L statements

Entrepreneurs or business owners who need to strengthen their financial management

Course Instructors

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Alysha Randall (CPA)


Commercially focused Finance Director / CFO with experience working with fast growth online SMEs in different sectors, including two successful exits (Amazon acquisition & Funding Circles IPO)
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