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How to Launch and Grow your Career in the Wellness Industry with Welltodo

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Course Description

Globally, the wellness industry is valued at $4.5 trillion. Every year, new businesses and individuals are introduced to it.

Growth brings new opportunities. Now is the right time to launch your own business, become a wellness expert, or get a job as an acupuncturist.

This ExpertTrack will guide you through the process of getting started in wellness, building your skills, and preparing for a rewarding career.

Learn about the three major career options in wellness, and the many career opportunities available to you in this industry.

You will then be able to cultivate a resilient attitude that will help you cope with the challenges ahead. You'll be able to overcome your limiting beliefs, develop a positive mindset and negotiate well. These are all essential skills for starting your own business.

Learn about the various sub-categories of the wellness industry, and how to align them with your passions in order to find a profitable niche.

As you share your expertise and discuss other strategies, this will help you to build your brand.

It is important to understand the types of businesses, areas of expertise, and job positions that are available in wellness. This will help you build your career.

Additionally, you will learn how to develop and implement business strategies and plans as well as how finance your venture and manage finances. These skills will help you succeed in your transition to a wellness career.

In the wellness industry, it is vital to connect with the right people. To help you build your professional network, you'll find effective networking strategies.

Also, you'll be able to assess your skills and match them with the right jobs. This will allow you to identify the essential tools that are needed for your transition into wellness.

Welltodo, a top industry platform for wellness, will teach you from their expert team. They provide news insights and case studies to show the potential growth and opportunities in the global wellness market.

Welltodo's mission, to empower people to create amazing careers and businesses in the field of wellness, is what this ExpertTrack will teach you.

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Alumni Network


International Faculty


Case Based Learning


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Case Studies,Instructor-Moderated Discussions

Skills You Will Gain


This ExpertTrack is designed for those with a passion for wellness who are looking to start a career in the industry

Whether you want to become a wellness expert, start a business, or find a job as a practitioner, this course will be of interest to you

You dont need any prior experience or knowledge as each course takes you through the basics of getting started in the wellness industry

What You Will Learn


Goal Setting


Business Strategy

Career Planning

Skill Evaluation

Professional Development

Market Research

Industry Analysis

Business Planning

Career Development

Personal Branding

Target Students

If you are interested in joining the growing wellness industry, this ExpertTrack will take you through everything you need to know to get started

You may also be interested if you are already working in wellness as you will learn business planning, strategy, and funding techniques

Course Instructors

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Lauren Armes


Lauren Armes is the Founder and CEO of Welltodo, and the leading Business Coach for experts and coaches in wellness. She's been featured in Forbes, BBC, The Times, Women's Health and more.
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