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Masterclass Webinar Series: Technical Strategies by Mr. Abhijit Paul

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27 hours

Course Description

Technical analysis is an effective tool for timing your market entry or exit. Although they are easy to understand, these indicators can have more power than their simplicity suggests. We'll discuss the important and unique use of RSI indicator as well as Moving Average. Intra-day trading strategies that are based on sentiments or trends can be used to book profits and make more entries. It is crucial to understand the timing of every trade in order to make profitable trades. The HeikinAshi candlestick eliminates market noise and displays the trend more clearly. Charts can be used to identify a possible intermediate or long-term bottom for a stock or an index.

This webinar master series will cover all aspects of technical analysis, and provide a comprehensive view of the subject.

  • Find out more about the moving average, including construction, usage and derivatives.
  • Find out more about the versatility and simplicity of the RSI indicator.
  • You can use this tool to determine which stocks you should purchase or sell on any given trading day.
  • Trading decisions must be based solely on objective criteria, and not influenced by market forces.
  • Divergence in trading
  • How to choose between different times in the stock market - Powerful timing
  • There are multiple time frames that you can use to time your trade entry.
  • HeikinAshi can be used to determine the trend and create a Trend Following Trading System.
  • Use the Super Trend indicator to create simple but highly profitable trading strategies
  • To determine possible bottoms of a stock in both the long-term and intermediate term.
  • It is important to know when to act in a bearish environment.
  • How to get the most out panic and euphoria that traders and investors experience.
  • You can use compounding to make long-term investment with Nifty Bees or other ETFs.
  • Different types of software for technical analysis in India will be available to you

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Skills You Will Gain


The is no prerequisites available but having knowledge in trading is plus

What You Will Learn

Moving Averages - construction & usage

Use of multiple moving averages

Derivatives of moving averages & their trading signal

How to use Relative Strength Index (RSI) as a Trend indicator

How to utilize RSI to spot Classical and Hidden Divergences

How to use the indicator to project zones of comfort

A disciplined approach towards profitable intra-day trading

A disciplined approach towards profitable intra-day trading

How to pick stocks to buy or sell and levels beyond which you should place your orders and execute your trade

How to scan the market and look for the best trading opportunities within 15mins of market opening

Divergences with other indicators like MACD, MACD Histogram and AO

How to decide which time frames are best for trading

Which indicators to use and plot ins which time frame and why

Swing Trading strategy using 3 different time frames

The concept of HeikinAshi candlestick in detail and how to use them to visually understand the trend clearly and effectively

Stop Loss management will be understood using these HeikinAshi candles

Multiple trading strategies created with the help of this simple Supertrend Indicator

Touchy - A unique Swing trading strategy

Learn to create an investment portfolio using ETFs like Nifty BEES

Hands on demonstration of Zerodha's Kite, Spider IRIS & Trading View

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Mr. Abhijit Paul


Academically Abhijit is a MBA Finance from Mumbai and B.Sc Economics from University of Calcutta. Currently, He live in the city of Kolkata and loves to spend rare free time with wife Indrayani Sen P...
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