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Most online education has a top-down curriculum — complete with lecture videos and knowledge-based exams. But to truly master technical skills and get a job, you have to learn by doing. You can't just passively watch videos and expect to know how to pass an interview and get a job.
On the other end, learning by doing can be hard. Finding projects at the right difficulty level is hard. It's not always clear what to do when you're stuck. And it's hard to know the order in which to learn skills.
Dataquest aims to solve these problems. The Dataquest method is project-based, with plenty of hands-on exercises. But they also give you the structure and guidance to never get stuck.
Their curriculum is built around interesting, real-world projects, so you learn how to apply skills to real problems. We structure the lessons so you get immediate feedback, just like in a classroom, and provide paths so you know you're learning the right topic.
Together, it's a powerful combination.

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